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the third rider


The Third Rider of the Apocalypse, hunger, the black horseman, rides cruelly over our planet, today  more than ever.

Almost 8 billion humans live on Earth, a quantity  that is under some aspects  unsustainable. One in eight is suffering starvation and/or malnutrition.

Climate change, desease, natural disasters,  wars and violence, discrimination, high prices of  basic  food,  biofuel production and distribution of wealth...all these factors  deeply influence  the problem of food shortage in the world.

Women and children are among those who suffer most from the causes above mentioned.  They are considered part of  the lowest social class in many societies of the  poorest countries. Every day about 10.000 children die from  starvation worldwide.

This situation, however, can be reversed.  If we push all together we’ ll make the rider dismount his saddle.

This documentary project explores the problem of hunger worldwide,  trying to shed light on   causes  and  possible solutions...

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